Order Confirmation

Once you placed an order, you will receive an email for order confirmation with Payment Instructions. Once your payment received, we will send you a second email confirming your order is now in processing.

In case if we are not able to fulfill your order for some reason or there is a payment problem, then we will contact you.

Confirming the Shipping: Once your order/s is in processing it will likely be shipped within 24-48 hours. A shipment confirmation mail will be E-mailed to you accompanied with an order tracking number, order tracking links and how to contact us if you have any queries.

This email will have all the shipping details as well as the timeline of when to expect the delivery. This email will also have a “connect with us” option so that the order can be tracked manually by making a call.

The order can be shipped to the home as well as the work address, whatever is preferred by the customer. There is an option for registered airmail which is slightly expensive but is more secure in nature.

This type of delivery asks for the buyer’s signature at the time of the delivery. In case the buyer is not available, a message is sent to the buyer regarding the attempt to deliver the package. The package can then be received by the buyer after contacting the post office the details of which are mentioned in the message sent at the time of the delivery. The order is placed on hold at the post office for about 4 weeks before an attempt to send it back is made.

APO Addresses and PO Boxes: The delivery is made at the APO address as well as the PO Boxes as long as the option is open in the method of delivery offered by us. You can set your delivery to the APO or PO address by setting the primary address to the same.

Customs:  We are based offshore in India, and your local Customs treat your order as imported goods. Your order passes through Customs; there might be a delay while they process your order for customs formalities. We suggest you that always allow extra time and order ahead, so during this phase you are not inconvenienced. This delay can be just a few days to 3 weeks in extreme cases before they contact you.

Reshipments of Lost orders: Any order which is lost is reshipped or refunded by us. If there is a delay faced in receiving the order, it is important to report it to the customer care within 8 weeks from the day it is shipped to the customer. A refund or reshipment for the order lost is done as soon as it is reported. Any report that is made within 8 weeks will not be accepted or refunded.

Refund and Return Policy: For some reason, if your order is damaged in transit or not delivered, we will re-ship your order. If you rather issue a full refund, we will refund your entire amount as per your request.

If however, you received a partial order, then we will issue you a full refund, and then charged only for the item(s) you received.

We request you to allow us 30 business days from the day the order was shipped. If after 30 days, you not received the order, or if you received any notification that your order was on hold or returned to sender, please contact us at [email protected], and we act on your request promptly.

Please Note: If you have any queries/questions related to your order, then please contact us by sending a mail to support@mybestchemist.com.